22nd February 2022

Have no computers running the OS they came with

If you don't exercise your rights, you'll lose them

23rd December 2021

The Internet Corrupts Creators more than Consumers


28th November 2021

Can we legislate our way to technological enlightenment?

If voting with our wallet is not enough could legislation help fix our relationship with tech?

20th October 2019

The Tech Deities

Is the world of tech ruled by Gods?

28th October 2018

Wise Software Choice

What I expect from you as a Technologically Advanced human, as pertains to Software.

29th May 2018

Computers cannot be intelligent

Most people think that computers will soon become intelligent

27th March 2018

The superior security narrative of unauditable software

Which news headline looks better for a company?

19th March 2018

You can't buy an iPhone


19th March 2018

Free Software is a proprietary term

Who controls the term "Free Software"?

12th February 2018

Why EME is great

A technology that stops piracy without bad side-effects.

29th January 2018

Not What but Who

What's wrong with technology in this age?

6th January 2018

The Web needn't be Free

The web is a platform for accessing publications and services, not a software repository.

1st January 2018

Join me, be elite!

You need to be elite in a technologically advanced era.

31st December 2017

iPhone is the Coca-Cola of tech

How the iPhone is like Coca-Cola.

19th December 2017

The Free Software movement is Barking up the wrong tree

The Free Software Movement is not resonating with most technology users.

10th December 2017

The Freedom to Destroy

An article about microcode, firmware and hardware freedom.