Computers cannot be intelligent

29th May 2018

I know most people think that computers will soon become intelligent. This is VERY untrue.

This is because, in order to be Turing complete, computers need to be completely pedantic. A computer works by chaining together many simple logical instructions to build more complex ones. If just one instruction malfunctions, it breaks the entire program.

Imagine you had a servant who was:

Would you think that person was intelligent? I don't think you would. In fact you'd have to test the instructions by making him follow them in a non-critical environment before you let him work on the real thing (like how programmers have to test software).

Computers are actually inherently unintelligent. If a computer had the most minuscule element of creativity, unpredictability or character, no programs would run on it and it would not be a computer.

To develop an AI, we would need to invent some completely different technology, like nothing the world has seen before. And I don't know that anyone is even working on such a project. If they are they must be doing it in secret.