iPhone is the Coca-Cola of tech

31st December 2017

Consider the iPhone. In many ways, it's the worst phone on the market:

It reminds me of Coca-Cola, such an awful drink:

Both of these products, iPhone and Coca-Cola, are very popular. People are even willing to pay more for them than for equivalent products.

Coca-Cola, 1pound, Tesco cola, 50pence. just as healthy, half the price!

Why is it that iPhone and Coca-Cola are so popular?

It's because people are not really buying a product but an experience.

It's very nice to experience the great experience of an iPhone.

The problem is that if you buy an experience, without caring about how the experience is generated or what it's consequences are, then you are living in a sort of fake world. This is because you have sacrificed the connection with reality we have when we know where things came from and how they work.

The iPhone is designed to be easy to use, but I assert that this "easiness" is achieved through dis-empowerment, and encourages dependence. People who learn computing with iPhones and similar products will know nothing about how they work, because these devices are designed to hide their workings from us.

IPhone 8 silver with white rear

If you want your phone to be a symbol of pretentiousness, stupidity, and waste, please buy a shiny new iPhone.

If you would rather carry a symbol of integrity and savvy: rescue an old phone and install an operating system that respects your rights better. Then you've made something from nothing. This is a phone a technologically advanced human can be proud of.

guy saving old phone

If you need information on setting up a phone that respects your rights you might read here or here.