Join me, be elite!

1st January 2018

Yesterday I published a blog post asserting that iPhone was one of the worst phones on the market because it's unethically made and does not respect our rights as tech users. Someone said of this blog post "This post reeks of the pseudointellectual elitism of someone who buys into free software as a religion, and not a tool".

I normally find insults like this very funny, but this one was remarkable in how very pertinent it was.

Elitism means:

"Someone who believes in or is perceived as believing in rule by an elite group." - Wiktionary

Actually, I do believe in rule by an elite group, because I see it every day:

I make it my mission to educate people about technology and their rights so that no-one need be left behind as these demonic multinational entities attempt to take all the money and power for themselves.

Join me, be elite!

Tech is advancing faster than we are adapting and this could make us poor and dependant. If the predictions the media is making about the future are correct, many career types will by wiped out by tech, and instead of wages going to workers, they will go to multinational tech corporations.

The only way to fight back against this is to educate and equip ourselves so that all the jobs and money do not go to entities like Apple. If trying to use technology in an ethical and sensible way is indeed "pseudointellectual elitism" then IMO we need a lot more pseudointellectual elitism right now.

Charities like the Free Software Foundations 1, 2, 3, 4, Open Media and the EFF do their best to speak a voice of truth and sanity in the world today. But even they have been caught off-guard by how quickly and deeply Technology has infiltrated every aspect of people's lives.

Hence I invite you to join and engage with me and the Free Software community. Not because it's cool or normal or it makes your life easy, but because you can see what's happening and care about the future of our children and our planet.