The Tech Deities

20th October 2019

Many people appear to have given up on understanding technology so thoroughly that rather than choosing their software and hardware based on it's merits they rather choose allegiance to a tech company as if it's some sort of deity.

And people often get really offended if you "insult" their tech deity of choice.

For example once I pointed out that iPhone was manufactured unethically and doesn't respect our rights as tech-users, and someone started angrily saying that they have to use iPhone because it's better than Android.

And the other day myself and a friend were talking about whether it could be possible to make a privacy-respecting home-assistant and someone started accusing us of making conspiracy theories about Alexa and got really angry.


But really, it shouldn't be about choosing this tech deity or that tech deity. We should be in a position where we can choose what hardware and software we use independently and individually.


Really the point is to be in a position where you are in control of your computing. That way tech companies become just suppliers of hardware and software components, rather than deities that control us. Technology is a big part of our lives, our jobs and our economy. It's important to have the right attitude towards it. Don't just give up trying to understand or control it and swear allegiance to some tech deity.

The tech deities will, if you let them, lock you into a proprietary ecosystem that conflates hardware, operating system, applications and web-services all into one package.

But that is a problem because as responsible tech users we must at least know what these components are and be in a position to choose and replace them independently.

For these reasons I invite you to reject the tech deities and take back control! Join my new community platform Tech Savvy Human.

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